Child In Charge

I am 20 and I am the assistant manager at a tim Hortons  my manager is older than me and got hired on off the streets to be my manager. I had an issue at first but I started to look past it and just work together.

He went on vacation and I was left in charge. I was a raging bitch. I don’t do well when people ignore me or don’t do their jobs. I fired two people. he came back and got mad at me.

I had this minors mother call me at 1030 pm yell at me, call me racist and threaten me. all because I told her daughter, again, that she needed to make sure requests off days she has plans and how calling off works. my manager did nothing about this.

I went down to two days so I can get a new job and quit. I am still a raging bitch. I get in trouble because I’m overreacting. Of course I am when no one gets in trouble for anything. he doesn’t ever say anything to my face though. he tells everyone else, but tells me how much he needs me. Why? I am doing your job and stepping up, why won’t you take my help when I was taking yours.


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