Codenamed life

I use codenames when I talk about people, even in real life. I talk about so many people I feel like it’s easier to remember them instead of their names. Like so and so is related to this event so their code name is a phrase for that event. Here are the ones I use on a regular basis:

Washington Boy: Guy I went to high school with who’s in the military. He’s stationed out in Washington.

Baker: Girl I’m friends with who is my baker. She is a very spiritual person in my life.

Motorcycle Mechanic: Guy I had a fling with. He was my best friend/roommate’s mechanic. He was on the run from the cops when I met him and he used to be a dope boy.

Country Boy: A friend of my best friend’s friend. My best friend set me up on a date with him so I could see how a guy should really treat me.

Dipshit: Ex-roommate and ex-best friend. We were really close and after I moved out my names were still on some bills that he never paid.

Truck guy: Guy I went on a date with and it ended badly. Not fully comfortable explaining that full story.

First: my ex and my first (obviously). Started dating when I was in high school he was ten years older than me. I had more of a head on my shoulders than he did. Overall a toxic relationship.

Psycho: My mother.

Booty Call: Older brother of one of my other best friend’s and the guy I sleep with when I’m not in a relationship and don’t want to go sleeping around.

Ten: My younger sister.

Tim’s Truck Guy: Guy who delivers the truck orders to Tim Horton’s and had a thing for me. He’s kinda crazy for being as old as he is.

Kuce: Ex that I worked with at Tim Horton’s. I didn’t date him while I worked with him.

Old Baker: My baker at a different Tim Horton’s. We used to be friends until I found out he was lying about some pretty serious stuff. Like illegal things.



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